Really Real Ways For First Meetup

31174880_sNothing can make or break a relationship before it starts like a first impression. A first impression can last a lifetime, and it is important to properly represent yourself. You want to portray the real you in the first moments of contact. With something that is so important, it is easy to get it wrong. Here are some tips to make your first impression a real one.

1.    Be really real on your dating profile. It will be the first impression for your date, but it will also set up their expectations of who you are on your date as well. If your date realizes that you weren’t honest on your profile, they will assume you just aren’t an honest person.

2.    Dress your best. You should dress for the occasion. If you prefer a casual style, but are going to a nice restaurant, dress nice according to your comfort level. Yoga pants are usually a sign that you are not serious, unless your first date involves exercise or couch cuddling.

3.    Maintain some mystery. It’s a first date; they don’t need to know your life story. Keep very personal information to yourself unless it’s important to the date. What your therapist said at your last appointment is for your BFF, not your date.

4.    Stay away from hot topics. Marriage, children, religion, and politics are all something that should have been covered in the dating profile if it was extremely important. Either way, don’t bring any of these up on the first date. Even if it makes or breaks a relationship in your eyes, your date might feel a red flag that it’s being discussed on a first date. Also, never EVER ask how the date is going or how they feel that match is. It can make a date go bad or awkward real quick. Yes, talk about sex and other things you want in a relationship – calls – no calls, texting, sexting, etc.  If you like the person have sex with them – there is no one survey that confirms having sex on the first date has any correlation to relationship longevity.

25568905_s5.    STAY OFF YOUR CELL! Some jobs or personal matters may require you to take a phone call during a date. Try to ensure that you don’t need to, but if it is unavoidable, make sure to mention this at the start of the date, and stay off your phone unless you get that important call. Nothing is more of a bad impression than someone who has to check their cell/smartphone every 15 seconds.  Nothing is more rude than texting in front of another person.

6.    Be on time! Nothing is more frustrating than showing up to a first date 10 minutes early and your date arrive late. If you are too late, your date might think you stood them up and leave. It could ruin your chance at getting a second date.  As one fashion model said, if you are early – you are ontime.  If you are ontime – you are late.  And, if you are late – you are fired !

31900636_sDating IS difficult, and finding the right person even more so. Don’t let something like a bad first impression ruin your chance at a great relationship with the right person. Oh, last remember what Patrick Swayze said in the movie Road House, “just be nice” as manners are always appreciated. You may not want to date this person but you never know about it could be a career opportunity.  Oh, have fun and show your silly side. Life is too short to not have a sense of humor.