Being Really Real – How it Works

00-appstoreReally Real is about understanding the challenges of personal and social connections.  We don’t ask you 20 questions that are really annoying about height, weight as we find people often really lie about them.

Being Really Real is what this is all about.

Our approach to being Really Real is:

-You add text to your personal profile up to 300 words

-You can have up to add eight different pics from your Gallery using your cam as well as BiEyes cool selfie cam features.

-Really Real will show you other users who are near you geographically then you can +Favorite them or Delete them.  If you +Favorite them they will appear in your +Favorites Folder, you can then decide if you want to reach out and chat with them

-In the +Favorites folder, you can see all their pics in their Gallery and if they are offline (grey), busy (orange) or online (green).

-To chat with them, after subscribing, you take a real “live” pic now and sending it to them.

Really Real will send them a push message asking them if they want to chat with you.  It could be Yes! or Busy interested but not right now as they may be at work or busy. Or Decline if they are not interested.

If they say Yes, after subscribing they then will be asked to send a live pic of themselves to you. If it’s a go and you both like each other, you can then chat via text, video, pics, voice and emojis.

We help you find and meet people that you really like and who are Really Real

If you have technical or other issues, you can contact us via the website at