ReallyReal App Review – A Man’s View

Really Real App Review from a man.

I just got back into the dating scene. I’m old enough that I wasn’t looking to party all the time, but young enough to not want to be titled as a widower. My wife died two years ago, and I mourned for her. I will never forget the love I had for her, but I need someone for myself now. I was hesitant to look online for dates because I hear about all the horror stories from my single friends, but it’s just so hard to meet people I’m interested in with my busy schedule.

After a few friends talked me into to it, I joined ReallyReal. The women have been amazing so far. They have been understanding about how I want to be a little more old fashioned in the way of dating, and they will tell me up front if that is the kind of thing they are looking for. By the time I am ready to move from talking online to meeting in person, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the woman. So far, all the dates I have been on having had any bad experiences. One woman was late, but she was a nurse and there had been some kind of an emergency that had held her a bit late. Other than that, I haven’t been stood up, which is more than my friend Jake can say. I think he has about a 40% appearance rate on his dates.

The women on ReallyReal are just that. They don’t lie to sound better, look more attractive, or manipulate. I know when I sign on, I will see women being real about what they do and do not want. I completely believe that is the first step in a relationship. I have to get ready for a date now, but I just wanted to take a moment to talk about how awesome this dating site is.