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Oprah just put this in her book club and some of the language is … It’s about shameless sex, God, food, drugs, porn and tenderness—and how the dirt and the divine are so often inseparable.

LOVE WARRIOR is about infidelity, betrayal and redemption. It’s about how our ideals of femininity and masculinity can make it impossible for a woman and a man to actually know each other. It’s about how to use crisis as a springboard to a truer identity and a better life. It’s about parenting our kids through pain. It’s about friendships that hurt and friendships that heal. It’s about faith that shackles women and faith that liberates women. It’s about how to finally find peace in your own damn skin.

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Here’s a good advice and entertaining video on dating rules, click on image though you have to scroll down to bottom of page to view, here are the highlights.








rr-bumble3rr-bumble4She also says no pics withex and no pics with animals.


Here’s another from Mel Delancy author of Tinder Roulette. Click on any image for quick vids and scroll down to see the video.