Online Dating and the Death of the ‘Mixed-Attractiveness’ Couple

33892966 - stylish friends smiling at camera together at the barHere is an interesting reading on dating with our own forecast for online/app dating via Priceonomics.

priconomicsNo More High School Sweethearts

“If you’re single and in the dating market, you might be wondering why this matters.

After all, it’s not like mixed-attractiveness couples are a force for good—like couples who cross racial lines, or pre-suicide Romeo and Juliet.

Well, this dynamic is definitely relevant—even if you don’t use online dating—because it’s becoming more rare for Americans to marry partners they knew before they started dating. As the below chart shows, meeting strangers through a dating app or at a bar is replacing contexts like school, church, and work.”

Since the chart is from 2009, we added our own forecast


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