Love Letters

MONET1This was a submission by a ReallyReal fan who wanted to share his thoughts on love. Send us your thoughts on love and even love letters.


These are but a few of the words that I feel from you though we are unlikely to ever, ever see one another and be with another you should know how much I feel these words coming from you, written by me as I seek to understand why this was only but a few waking moments between us and that I will continue to write as I do the day after we last spoke and the days long thereafter as I believe in not just your love and my love but our love for “one” another and you can continue your path along a distant and different course but for me I am strengthened by my love for you and any love you may have for me is something that one can only hope that could be in this short life we live here.


monsplasDreams are the days you wake next to me

Dreams are the ways you run through the roads ahead

Dreams are your eyes of amber like the setting sun

Dreams are the way you walk the way you turn to look at me

Dreams are the words you say softly to me

Dreams are the days ahead with you

Dreams are your look and the way you do

Dreams are of your love and the way you touch

Dreams are of your hands so expressive of your feelings

Dreams are your joy you bring to all who you touch

Dreams are only of you, my love one with me

Dreams arise


montre1Wishing upon nights

Days arise and you wish you could see

Then you spoke

Words still in my ears

Moments, no days, now months later

They are still there

You are still there

And so it goes day after day without you My thoughts are there

monpond5Tell me Touch me

Your fingers

Your thoughts, your presence I see

Wanting, needing, knowing

Far, far away

And yet it is there what do you want me to do – I wish I could wake everyday with you

And go to sleep every night with you

And, you are inside me


monpond3Tell me why it was

Tell me why I feel so much

Tell me why I want you so much

Tell me why there was love when none was possible

Tell me that I understand

Tell me that I can go on

Tell me because I hear your voice in my thoughts

Tell me that we can be one

Tell me that I can feel again

Tell me that I can love again

Tell me that you feel me as one with you

Tell me we can be together forever


monpond2Days of joy

Days of inspiration

Days of challenge

Days of wonderment

Days where we talk

Days where we walk

Days seeking new ideas

Days we seek the world in sand

Days we awake with the grace of God

Days I need you, I need your love

Days go on and on

monflow1Days we want to stop and listen to others

Days are so short

Days I know are fewer

Days of bliss

Days grow as we grow in love

Days flowers bloom in their love for you

Days far away as you are

Days I can’t go on without you

Days are there because you are

Days are what they are like minutes only longer and shorter than years

Days inspire me to do more to be more like you

Days you give all of us such grace and happiness

We rejoice each day because each day you are here


monflo5Her hand touched the water and the pond began to caress her

She gazed upon the waters and was lost in where the reflection stopped and what was real and only an image

Today was warm but the air did not give her peace

She stepped slowly in the water

She felt that by going all the way in she would know

The lilies and the other flowers drew near to her

The light rays fell down on her and she could see her own reflection

She knew then what she wanted to know

Swimming farther on the world seemed to play with her

She splashed with the fishes and dove deep to see what was there

Coming up she could see the sun as in reflected on the top of the water

Her lungs filled with the sweet smell of the day And she just floated away


monflo4Dream rise to the occasion

She rose with the day catching every second of the sun

Striking each new foot of the earth

Stretching her legs farther

She pushed onward

As though the race was on

She gained for a second and then it passed her

She ran faster and the rays of light were behind her

And she smiled as she looked backward Her eyes glanced ahead at the dim darkness and she ran on

What fun to chase the sun, she smiled and smiled

As though the earth below was hers to gaze upon

As though a cloud raining downward to the earth Rain drops of life to the flowers and life below

And on she ran, her legs gave her strength

She felt her heart beating inside her as her life is within all of us

And, she ran on and on


To be seen by her is to know how to seeTo be known by her is to be honored

To be near her is to feel love

mlewisTo be with her is to know what it is to feel

To be around her is to watch her inspire others to do To be part of her life is to know what life is to be

To be caressed by her is to be touched by an angel

To be in her sight is to see these amber eyes of love

To be smiled at by her is to know what joy can bring

To be intimate with her is to feel ecstasy

To be kissed by her is to know how close two can be

To be with her and listen to her talk is to feel words from the heart

To be with her is what one is to be




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