ReallyReal App Review – A Women’s View

really-real-girl-at-barThis is an independent review from a woman.

I’ve tried all the dating sites. If they have been advertised, I’ve created an account and gone through all the drama that comes after. Those men lie so much! Their weight is underestimated, their age is at least 5 years off, and don’t even get me started on the pictures! I’m pretty sure I went on dates with more covertly married men than I did single guys. It was pretty ridiculous. The towel was thrown in and I never wanted to go on another online date, but my friend Monica insisted I give this site a try. She said it was much different, but I didn’t believe her at first. She called me over to her apartment and we had a girls’ night in with a delicious bottle of wine and looked through her prospective.

I’ve been on a few dates from the people I’ve met on here, and all of them look like their pictures! I never thought that would happen. The men I’ve met were the same online as they were in person which is fantastic. I need a real man, instead of some grown up boy pretending to be a man who can’t even take care of himself.

I’ll tell you this, I would have been sorry if I hadn’t tried this dating site. People on here are ReallyReal. No lies, no deceptions… just the honest truth. If a man is getting divorced and already looking to date, he will up and say it. It’s so refreshing that people just say what they actually want instead of hiding behind preconceived notions of what other people want. For a new dating site, I expected there to be few options, but I think it’s because it is new that it has so many people on there. It a real dating site, full of real people, and it’s just what I was looking for!

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